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Japanese Samurai Armor?

This unique item is based off of the design of real Japanese Armor. During the Heian and the Sengoku Period, because of constant combat, there were many different styles of protect armor. But no big fighting occurred during the Edo period, so rather than combat, the armor was used as a prized symbol.

Forged steel, leather, laquer work, crafted gold, fabric cords and more, in days past, all of these different parts of the armor were built with strong technique and unique beauty, giving them an artistic complexity. There is historical value in our paper armor, and an array of materials. And compared to the handling and storage of traditional armor, it is easy to care of.


When considering who would be interested in this type of item, a typical response might be, "I want to go to an event where there are a lot of armored warriors."

At these types of events, violent action and falling accidents with high priced armor, will leave you worrying about breakage and other problems.


But this armor is easy to maneuver in and is made of light weight material. Material is made of plastic and kraft paper. Weight is only 1000g. Plastic material is only 380g.

Every small piece of paper used, as well as other materials, were joined together to give the appearance of real protective gear 【combat armor】. Like a work of art, the touch, sense of weight and visual aspects are beautiful. After purchasing you can freely use markers or paint, as you feel fit. And it's OK to get the pastel colors dirty.

Choose our genuine construction style, which has the same way of tying as real armor. The minute details match as closely as possible. From our workshop, pick the armor that is most suitable for you. You choose finished armor that is ready to wear as soon as you receive it.




Headband, sword, white belt is not included in the set.

Finished Plastic

Samurai Armor Realistic-type(Finished)

Material Armor:Plastic / String, band: 100% cotton
size One-size-fits-all
weight About 1,000g

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Completed on your own Cardboard

Samurai Armor Cardboard(kit)

Material Armor:Cardboard  String, band: 100% cotton
size Ssize:130-140cm Msize:140-160cm Lsize:160-180cm
Can be adjusted to create 3size
weight 約380g

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Finished Cardboard S/M/Lsize

Samurai Armor Cardboard(Finished)

Material Armor:Cardboard  String, band: 100% cotton
size Ssize:130-140cm Msize:140-160cm Lsize:160-180cm
weight 約380g

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